North Texas Tornado Forecast For 2018: Count On April Showers

DALLAS, TX — Tornado season started early this year with a few touchdowns in January. But the most notable tornado to have struck North Texas thus far was an EF-2 that left behind serious damage in the far-northeast town of Dekalb.

But, as North Texans know well, the height of tornado season is yet to come. The Texas Farmer’s Almanac states most tornados touch down between April and June, and 2018 is, of course, no exception.

But one WeatherBug meteorologist, Mark Ellinwood, wrote on U.S. Tornadoes that the overall forecast is looking just a bit better than normal.

Ellinwood took a look at historical tornado data, as well as drought, humidity and la niña numbers, to estimate 2018’s tornado season.

He found a probability that the impending season will likely be just below par compared to the average season. While this does not put North Texas in the clear, it assuages any concern that an abnormally destructive season lies ahead.

According to Ellinwood’s research, tornado season proper won’t begin until April, thanks to a blocking weather pattern over eastern parts of the country.

But even as March moves out and things begin to ramp up, Ellinwood suggests a quieter than normal season for North Texas, on average.

That’s not to say tornadoes won’t touch down. The meterologist predicts a higher probability for tornadoes in April, but a lower one in May. While total touchdown numbers could remain below the average, the season will likely peak in April.

Tornado season will begin to die out in June, and by July, typical hot days and clear skies will return to the region.

The data presented above is based on meteorologist predictions. It’s impossible to predict tornadoes months before they occur, so make sure to stay Patched in for weather updates during storm season.

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